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appliance repair service franklin square, ny

Call Appliance Repair Franklin Square NY to get quality service for your fridge. We’ll send a qualified pro to assist you right away. We are the company to call when you want same day repair service. Our company hires certified appliance experts to service your fridge. Each fridge technician is certified to work on all makes and models. You can call about any brand and it will be serviced properly. Don’t wait longer than today to get your appliance fixed. Pick up your phone and schedule refrigerator repair in Franklin Square. New York, right now. An experienced appliance specialist will be on the job today.Refrigerator Repair Franklin Square

Honest and helpful refrigerator service

When you call us, you’ll enjoy honest and helpful refrigerator service. Your fridge will be fixed by a thoroughly trained pro. The tech will be upfront with you about the situation. The problem will be explained clearly. When the work is done, you’ll receive a transparent invoice. You won’t find any hidden charges or fees. That is not a good way to do business. Do the right thing. Let us send you a friendly, but professional refrigerator technician to provide the service you need.

Same day fridge repair

Choose our company to enjoy same day Franklin Square fridge repair. When your fridge stops cooling, bad things can happen. The temperature could eventually rise into the danger zone. The danger zone is between 40 F and 140 F. This is the range where bacteria begin to grow. This will cause your food to spoil. You can avoid this possibility by calling us for fast and efficient fridge service. The techs we hire know how to keep their vehicles properly stocked. They will carry a wide range of fridge replacement parts to the job. This ensures the quality service you deserve.

Call us the moment you know you need refrigerator repair. The problem could be as simple as a bad thermostat. It could be a switch, door hinges or door gaskets. These items can wear out over long periods of time. It might also be a Freon leak, a bad fan motor or a blown compressor. Whatever the problem is, the technician will be able to fix it. Don’t hesitate when it comes to getting your fridge fixed. Get in touch with our friendly staff. We’ll have a skilled tech administer reliable Franklin Square refrigerator repair today.